Ultra zvucna kada 3.0l pro 30

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Important features of PRO 30 ultrasonic cleaner

Stainless steel (SUS 304) tanks are 1 mm thick, therefore they provide for long lifetime of the ultrasonic cleaners. Seamless panel housing is especially relevant as it prevents water leakage and moisture from access to electronics inside of units. No screw welding technology of ultrasonic transducers ensures smooth bottom of the tank, thus improving cavitation and reducing corrosion of tank. Cleaners are equipped with industrial high Q transducers which ensure strong power of ultrasonic effect. Ultrasonic transducers are activated by independent excitation ultrasonic generator (PWM control), which has passed 4200V HV test and HV isolation test, therefore enabling cleaners to work with stable ultrasonic effect and run safely. Generators are developed and produced by our own factory with high quality components. Tanks of ASonic ultrasonic cleaners have heating via MCH heating chips. There is minor difference between the real water temperature and the panel readout which in ±1°C range.

Ultrasonic cleaner‘s principle of operating

  • The ultrasonic cleaner generates cavitation bubbles by releaseing sonic waves into the fluid.  These bubbles are very small (miscroscopic) in size, stream in the fluid and enter the insides of the cleaned part through cracks or openings. When streaming, the bubble collides with the surface of the cleaned object and collapse, releasing energy, which dislodges the dirt on the surface. As the energy discharge is constant, the fluid heats up, the heat results in more effective cleaning. The cleaned object has to be protected from damaging influences, if the machine has no heating settings.  The ultrasonic cleaner does not damage either the surface or the material of the cleaned object.  The cleaning effect of the fluid can be increased by additives, if the cleaned part is not damaged by them
  • Use of ultrasonic cleaner is extremely simple. Put items for cleaning in supplied basket. Carefully place the basket with items in ultrasonic cleaner. Fill the tank with water or cleaning concentrate solution. Submerge all items in cleaning solution. Set ultrasound timer in accordance with requirements of the cleaning process, depending on the type and degree of soiling on the cleaning item. Once cleaning is complete, wait for liquid to cool down and then carefully remove basket with items. Rinse items with clean water. Drain soiled cleaning liquid from ultrasonic cleaner. Use a soft cloth to wipe the tank.

Application fields of an ultrasonic cleaning machines

  • The ultrasonic cleaner can be applied on any unorganic material. It removes every organic and unorganic contaminants they aren’t in chemical bond wirh the surface to be cleaned. Its application fields are widely spreaded, because it is chemical-free and some parts don’t need to be disassembled.
  • The ultrasonic cleaners are applied in electronics industry, for removal of metal filings, crystallized, oil contaminations, oxidations.
  • It can be used for cleaning mechanical tools, bearings, metal fillings, dusty greases and other contaminations.
  • The ultrasonic cleaner is in car industry practicularly useful for removal of plastic remains, oil, grease, fiber, dust, graphite, tar, smut. Body elements, elements of engine for example: valves, glow plug, fuel pump.
  • For removal of oxidations, sediments, contaminants by jewellery and watches
  • In health care the ultrasonic cleaner can be used for cleaning of tools made of glass and metal, for removal of medicine remains and sterilization

Important warnings:

  • Ultrasonic cleaner needs to cool down for 30 minutes after 240 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Ultrasound operation releases a certain amount of energy that heats the liquid in the tank.
  • Do not turn on heating or ultrasound without liquid in the tank, as it will cause damage to ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Do not throw objects in the tank or hit the device.

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 Ultrasonic cleaners

Time setting ·         0-99 min
Frequency ·         40 kHz
Material ·         SUS304 Stainless Steel
Capacity ·         120 W
Tank capacity ·         3 l
Tank size ·         235X135X105 mm
Variable temperature ·         max 80°C
Max. töltőtérfogat ·         3 l


Product weight 4.00kg
Width 33.50cm
Depth 33.00cm
Height 25.00cm



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